Sunday, June 10, 2007

"YOU are not allowed to have any more coffee!"

Two and a half years in the tri club but this weekend was the first time a clubmate has felt compelled to cut off my caffeine intake. Friends from ultimate probably don't believe it took this long!

Aside from extreme hyperactivity on my part, it was a fantastic day. I arrived too late to catch the men's swim start but got to see the everyone else go. LETC had a fantastic showing: lots of podium finishes, many people qualifed for Worlds 2008 and every toughed it out on the extra long course (14.8km instead of 10km - BIG screw up!). A great day and a lot of fun to be out there cheering.

I'll link to clubmate's posts when they go up.


Amy said...

Thanks for coming out to cheer. My race report is up. But it ain't pretty. I wasn't so impressed. I know it was their first time but still. I'm happy with my race but not with the race itself. I know it's a point of contention but it's how I feel I guess.

Alison said...

I posted a brief reported on the LETC Facebook page and had a hard time not totally ripping into the race. Watching the elite races and how well they were organized really highlighted the problems with the age group race!