Saturday, February 23, 2008

Crazy Day!

So today is likely to be a little nuts, partly my fault partly late notice from the coaches (they claim they told us in advance but unless it's presented to me in flashing bold 72 point font I don't see it!).

Instead of a ride this morning it's the LETC Duathlon. I 've been saying I'm itching for a race, but I didn't mean NOW! Maybe it's just that I need more than four days' notice?? I have a car signed out and I will be heading out to Iona but that positive, race-ready mindset is currently a work in progress. Doesn't help that I have a feeeling it's going to be me and all the speedsters.

After the du, I'll come home for a quick lunch, a quick change and then will be heading to the YWCA for a three hour swim session. Luckily there will be video watching bits so I won't be swimming the entire three hours (just two or so). The upside, I guess, is that my swimming flaws are most evident when I'm tired so they'll all be showing.

Then it's home for a quick dinner and off to Planet Bingo with a bunch of law students. I may fall asleep on my dabber!

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