Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Follow Through

My goal for 2008 was to qualify for 2009 Short Course Worlds in Australia, or to rank high enough to get a roll-down spot. Having set that goal and worked towards it for the whole year, you know that I'd send in my Team application right away and diligently follow up to make sure it had been received.

Or not.

I faxed in my application on the last possible day and only today (three [?] weeks later) did I get in touch with Triathlon Canada to see if they'd received it. Nope, they had nothing from me. However, if I got my forms in immediately they'd see what they can do.

Dumbass is the word that comes to mind. Or maybe lucky. Perhaps both as this lucky dumbass now officially has a spot on the 2009 Age Group Olympic Distance Triathlon team.


Foxtrot said...

Woot woo!! Congrats, that's awesome!

Alison said...

I'm psyched but obviously not inspired as I skipped tonight's workout and lazed in front of the TV!