Monday, October 20, 2008


It wasn't my best race of the year, it certainly wasn't my fastest, but it was definitely my silliest.

The race was the first ever running of the Brewskidaddle 5km, an Octoberfest run/touch of silliness. I signed up for the race after Team Pink fed me copious amounts of wine then handed me a laptop - internet connections should come with breathalyzers!

The key draws of the race were that instead of a T-shirt you got a beer mug and the post-race festivities included an October fest feast (somehow this ended up being being referred to as the "shirtless sausage party"). Then we discovered there would be prizes for costumes. Finally, something I could win at a race!

My costume prep was significantly more involved than my race prep, although in my defence I've had a pulled hamstring keeping me back and a cold last week slowed me down.

Once I get pictures from Team Pink I'll post them here, lets just say that many a tourist has photos of the three of us in with their shots of the totem poles. ("Are we running through their shot??" "We ARE the shot!")

How was the race? Slow from the start, I never really felt like I got going and my final time was 25:++. This was more than two minutes slower than my time from the Breast Cancer 5km two weeks prior, which was close to a PR. Rather than be ticked at being slow, I enjoyed crossing the finish line with Team Pink and was more concerned that my stockings were pulled up for the finish line photo than having a PR.

The post race meal took a bit of time to get going but that gave us time for a massage (free!), a beer and catching up with Rachel, who joined us proudly wearing her tiara from winning the Diva 10km that morning.

After things had wrapped up I asked the somewhat harried looking race director if there were supposed to be costume awards. He apologized for forgetting, gave me a water bottle then saw Amy and Brian waiting for me at the door and gave me prizes for them too.

Oh yeah, if I'd run the same time I'd done at the Breast Cancer run I would have been the second place woman.

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Claire Thompson said...

I can't wait for the photos!