Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Down From the Trees

I spent a good chunk of the spring "in the trees," as Amy put it, but seem to be back on solid ground now. Although if Team Pink builds a tree house I want to be in the club!

Having a definite schedule really helps (I am so not a spontaneous person - I need a plan!). I'm feeling more on track and in control now.

I've signed up for the Dolphins masters/tri swim classes so I have a good group to swim with. They're great but holy hot tamale it's early. My alarm went off at 4:14 am yesterday and all I could think was "seriously!?" I glared at my alarm clock for a good minute before turning it off.

The first class I went to was quite the comedy of errors:

  • I got up earlier than I ever do, and managed to make enough noise getting up and out that I woke up my landlady. She was, understandably, unimpressed (but quite nice in expressing her unimpressed-ness).
  • I biked to the swim (haven't commuted by bike in years).
  • I swam for longer than I ever do both in terms of time and distance.
  • I somehow (i.e. was totally impatient and took off first) lead the lane for the first 30 minutes and killed myself to keep my place, then whimpered my way through the next hour.
  • I forgot to bring water. 2+ hours of exercise and no water. Brilliant!
Yesterday was my second swim and I managed to get out of the house quietly, place my self appropriately in the lane and stay hydrated. Sadly someone walked off with my fins so it wasn't a perfect morning, hopefully they'll return the fins tomorrow when they realize their mistake.

Tomorrow. Ooh, that'll be a fun one. The only way I can get to swimming is by bike so I'll ride in. However, to get to the club run I either have to 1) ride home, change and rush to the bus, then bus or scam a ride home or, 2) ride directly to the run and ride home after. Option 2 has the disadvantage of making for a long and tiring end to the day but I waste less time in transit and rely a bit less on the kindness of my East Side clubmates for rides.

I may be cranky on Friday, probably best not to talk to me until I've had my coffee!


Amy said...

The Forest of Anxiety is a lovely place to be. Tree fort is definitely needed. And the rope ladder for only allowing desirable fellow "peeps in the trees" up is totally part of the design.

Anonymous said...

If it helps at all, I always like your photos.