Sunday, October 29, 2006

First Post - Packing, Procrastinating, Head Colds and Ulti Updates

Not an auspicious start to my blog - I'm recovering from an horrific sinus cold and haven't been able to work out for a week. I'm supposed to be packing in preparation for my move but somehow I'm creating a blog instead.

It's a beautiful day and I'm itching to get outside and do something active - must take care to go easy and as I don't want to get sick and sit out another week.

Aside from recovering from a cold, where am I now in my training? I'm not being terribly scientific at the moment, I'm calling it "base building" as I'm trying to maintain fitness and build a bit of skill/strength. I'm in a masters swim program two days a week with a fantastic instructor, Paul Cross, and am loving that. I'm doing Pilates once a week to keep up my core strength and trying to get out to run three times a week as I'm doing a half marathon in November. Somehow biking is the one thing I miss out on, and that's really where I'm weakest. I really should be in the gym doing some stregth work too (where do people find the time??). Once I'm moved and over this cold I'll be back out on my bike and better able to figure out my schedule.

In non-triathlon news - big shocker at UPA Club Championships as Fury beat Riot. The Seattle powerhouse finally goes down! The Open final is 8-6 Sockeye over Furious. C'mon boys, bring back another title!

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