Monday, October 30, 2006

Patience Grasshopper

I am not naturally endowed with vast reserves of patience. What patience I do have has been developed and molded over years - half a decade of yoga and breathing techniques, years and years (and years) as admin/exec assistant, volunteering on a non-profit society's board of directors, and who knows what else. When I'm in the right frame of mind I can take a breath and stay calm and deal with whatever is testing my patience and get through it. When I'm not in the right frame of mind, say I'm suffering from a sinus cold and can't think straight or at times walk straight, then patience is a little harder to come by.

And I while I may be an inherently lazy person I'm a highly active lazy person, if that's not too much of an oxymron (I'll go for a run to get out of doing the dishes). It took me over a year to really grasp the concept of resting in my training - that I couldn't go for a brisk hour and a half walk to Granville Island after doing my long slow run or pick up for a game of ulti on my off day. Three days without exercise makes me cranky and a week without a good run leaves me twitching like an addict.

So it's been seven days and I'm still sick. My patience wore thin at day three. The twitching kicked in at day five. Not that I'm counting or anything but I've missed three swims, three runs, one Pilates class AND my tri club's year-end party. Yeah I can't breath but I really, really want to lace up my Nike's and run to the anchor at Locarno. And what about packing for my move this week? C'mon, I've slept all day, made a permanent dent on the couch, gone through litres of orange juice, done all the right things so I should be through this by now, right?

Sigh. So, I'm going to pack those runners in a box then take a deep breath, pour myself another glass of OJ, pop the Battlestar Galatica Season II DVD in the machine and become one with the couch for the evening.

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