Thursday, December 14, 2006

Fun Day

Today was the last day of the swim session so it was "Fun Day"!

Sadly Fun Day is not the same as "Treat Day" where you get to skip the workout and have tea and cookies (so far none of my coaches seem to think this is a great idea).

We did a little swim golf, adding our time and our number of strokes to get our score. On 25m I shot 44 and on 50m I shot a 97. Apparently for 50m you should get double your 25m score plus four or five so I was off target on the 50m by a wide margin. Paul threatened to make us do 100m of golf but it never materialized.

We then did the tractor trailer pull, one of the more ridiculous things I've done this year. This involved pairing up with one person in front doing the stroke and the person behind holding onto the first person's ankles and kicking. We switched up every length and did 100m. It was pretty ridiculous! I was paired up with Phil (aka Daniel Craig) who is very competitive and launched into a strategy discussion before Paul could finish explaining. I myself am somewhat (!)competitive so I had to interupt to know where he wanted to be to anchor the last length, stroke or kick. We won by a nose!

Next up was the water polo swim. We had one ball per lane and did a relay swimming with the ball. Controlling the ball while swimming is surprisingly difficult! Apparently you should try to get a standing wave to push the ball. Head butting did not turn out to be a viable alternative.

Anne wanted to work on flip turns so we did that for a bit. I was surprised at how much retained from the session six months ago. I think I also had a small breakthrough - if I breath at the cross and take two strokes I can enter into the turn smoothly and with a decent amount of air in my lungs. Now I have to incorporate that into lengths. Perfecting this is done the same way as getting to Carnegie Hall - practice!

We ended with a timed 100m, 1:54 wasn't a PR by any means but not bad.

It was fun but, as Ger said, Fun Day is really tiring.

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