Sunday, December 17, 2006

Grand Prix of Spinning

So I finally pulled out my bike yesterday, the poor thing has been sitting neglected in the back on my closet – he got one glorious ride to Richmond after the move then nothing for over a month.

The plan had been for me to get Louis outside for a ride but there was a wee bit of snow (a good millimetre, if not two) on the ground and I wimped out. Plus, figure skating was on TV and I couldn’t miss that! I came to a compromise and pulled out my trainer, waited out the ice dance (it’s painful enough to watch as it is, I don’t need to add the boredome of spinning to it) then rode through the women’s, pairs men’s competitions. I have a new skating hero, the French dude who won and landed two quads, very impressive.

Spinning gets marginally less painful every time I do it but it is still incredibly boring and time goes very, very slowly (although it seemed to pick up after 29 minutes!). I managed 45 minutes then greatfully quit. Hopefully the weather improves so i can ride outside.

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