Saturday, July 07, 2007

Hill Week

This past week was up and down, then up some more then down some more ....

Hills was the word of the week! I don't know if this was to toughen us up for the Peach Classic or because the coaches hate us, but there were some tough workouts.

Wednesday's bike workout was two repeats of 1min ALL OUT up Belmont (stupidly steep road close to Spanish Banks) on min easy then four repeats at pace riding up Spanish Banks hill. Thursday morning's ride didn't involve hills (yay), but rather multiple 1:30min "ALL OUT, SUPER HARD" intervals. Thanks Alan.

Thursday felt like deja vu all over again. Two repeats running 1min ALL OUT up some stupidly steep trail off Spanish banks then five repeats of 4min at pace up Spanish Banks hill. Somehow I ended up in the lead pack for the at pace pieces. "Somehow", okay it's not a mystery, I'm incredibly impatient and wanted to get the freakin' hills over with so I didn't take a break after the all out pieces and went straight to the next set. Elvis was the only person less patient than me. Yay for Elvis - makin' me look patient (by comparison).

I came to the conclusion that I am not a sprinter, I've lost what little fast twitch muscle I once owned (it's probably hidden under the bed with my HR monitor strap and various left socks). I vastly preferred the longer at pace pieces over the all out ones.

In case you think that was the end of hill week, there's more to come!

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