Sunday, July 08, 2007


The theme for the weekend seemed to be forgetting to check my schedule - kind of pointless to get a personalized sched if I'm not actually going to pay attention to it!

I showed up at Sasamat with no idea of how long I was supposed to swim and only a vague idea of how long I was supposed to run for (I recalled a "3" being involved). Nothing like coming prepared.

The IMC crew did a 70min swim almost all the way around Sasamat and then back again (when we stopped after 35min and wondered what to do next the logical suggestion seemed to be to retrace our steps/strokes). As usual I was at the back of the pack, for the first half I managed to draft off Bronwyn but on the way back she decided to draft off faster folk and I lost everyone.

It was a bit of a sombre swim for me, I'd gotten some sad news the night before and I spent much of my time in the water trying to come to terms with it. Being overtired from a late night (up until 11pm) didn't help my emotional state much. Not my most focussed swim ever but sometimes other things in life take precedence.

After the swim Bronwyn, Heather, Teresa and I headed out on a run route suggested by Joanne, which promised to be much flatter than the previous weekend's hike. We ran along 1st towards Ioco then followed a section of the TransCanada Trail into Port Moody. It was a fantastic route (thanks Joanne!), mostly flat and on soft trails and the occaissional boardwalk through tidal marsh.

We did an out and back but lost Heather/Turbo on the return. She was far in front and when she backtracked to find us it happened to be at one of the few places where the trail split in two - she was on the upper trail heading back while we were on the lower trail going the other way. A bit of a goof up but I think it all worked out okay (you'll have to get Heather's opinion though).

Coach Drew was hosting a barbecue at his retreat in Belcarra but we were all tired and needed to get home (to nap, houseclean, do laundry, etc.) so we were typical antisocial IM trainees and opted to go home rather than hang out.

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