Saturday, August 18, 2007


So the IMC bib numbers were released this past week - makes it all feel very real and very close. It also reassued my paranoia that I'd somehow messed up my registration or accidentally withdrawn.

The past week has been nuts. In a month I've gone from a 25 hour workout week (the training camp) to 8.5 hours this week. I am wired, strung out, have no attention span, no short term memory and am a walking disaster and a complete gong show. I feel like I've been living on a diet of triple shot espressos laced with pseudo-ephedrine. I managed to leave a bike wheel in a liquor store - considering that I'm not drinking at the moment that's a fairly impressive acheivement.

Who knew having this much energy would be this exhausting.

I have the okay from Alan to put in some intensity work this weekend so I can burn off some of the excess.

I'm sure some of this is nerves but I am looking forward to Ironman. Sometime in the past couple of months the dread I was feeling has dissipated, at the training camp I realized that it might actually be fun. I think that once I get through the first km of the swim it'll be great, and I know I can survive the swim.

I feel like a kid in the week before Christmas - how many sleeps left??


Jason said...

Three more sleeps! :D

Jason said...

two more sleeps!