Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Someone at N A Sports Has a Sense of Humour!

In my inbox today I had a message with the subject line: "SIMC WIthdrawal 2007 Notification."

I think my heart stopped beating for a full minute. Withdrawal Notification? Yea Gods, did I accidentally push a wrong button somewhere and take myself out of the race? If you check to see if your name is on the Participant List more than 50 times are you automatically out of the race as you're clearly too much of a freak for them be associated with?


Turns out it was benign (mostly):

"Dear Subaru Ironman Canada Participants,

We will be assigning race numbers to the 2007 Subaru Ironman Canada on Friday, August 10. If you are not racing and do NOT wish to have a race number assigned, please let us know by hitting reply to this email (leaving the subject line intact) on or before Friday, August 10. Be sure to include your name in the body of the email. As per our entry policy, the refund deadline has passed and you will not be entitled to a refund nor do we allow rollovers to another year.

If you have any other inquiries, please do not use the “reply” function to this email and instead send a new email us at and be sure to include the subject of your inquiry in the subject field as it will help us route your inquiry and expedite the response.

Jane GainsforthN A Sports, Inc."

I laughed at myself then forwarded the N A Sports email to Teresa with a note about my reaction so she could laugh at me too. I think I forwarded it. I didn't reply, did I? [insert hold music while I go and check my email.] Yes, I forwarded it!

I wonder how many of the 2,800 recipients of this email had the same reaction as me? Must be interesting to have to power to cause close to three thousand panic attacks with one email.

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