Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Mutual Admiration (and lack of comprehension) Society

My friend Cassandra and I have very different hobbies. Both of us are equally obsessed with our hobby but neither of us can comprehend why the other would spend hours doing what they do. I've spent all my spare time this year swimming, biking and running while she's spent all her time cutting, basting and sewing.

We had a fun conversation last night where I gave her the lowdown on Ironman then she gave me the lowdown on Dragon*Con. While we both had our victories she actually won a prize for her efforts!
The winning costume

I have no idea why anyone would ever spend hours hand sewing 997 buttons onto a costume, but then Cassandra doesn't really get why I bike up Cypress or Seymour (much less both in the same day). I don't get it but I admire her for it.

Congratulations Cassandra!

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Anonymous said...

4352 buttons, to be exact. 997 is just the 3 rows on the hem. (hee hee...)

And thank you.

And congratulations yourself you Iron Woman You! :D