Monday, September 17, 2007

What Next?

A lot of people have asked this in the past three weeks. Actually, people were asking me before IMC what the heck I would do once I was done. I think the assumption is that I now have to do or want to do something bigger and harder and tougher than Ironman, which really isn't in the plans at all.

I don't necessarily want to go bigger and harder but I do need a goal. I also need something to do! I'm unaccustomed to having all this free time and am a little lost. I've also lost a big chunk my social network as my training partners have gone back to reconnect with spouses, partners, cats, etc. My most meaningful relationship is currently with Louis, my bike, and I actually think we need some time apart so the free time isn't so useful.

I do I think I've finally figured things out. I have a few solid goals, not really related but they hit various needs.

Let's start with the social side. I've decided to play ultimate again if my friend's team will take me. I haven't thrown in almost two years so it will be quite humbling - I left the sport as a solid, if unspectacular, handler so I may be forced to run or play defence instead.

On the training/tri side, Paul asked me "what's next" at today's swim. He also asked a more pointed question, what did I want to achieve with my swimming this session. It made me think about it and have to give a slightly more refined answer than "Be faster."

I want to work on swim technique for the fall then swim speed for next year. Paul seemed to think that was a great goal and suggested that I do a swim overload - swim 3-5 times per week for the next eight weeks so I really dial in the technique and have a good base in place for '08. I'm enjoying swimming quite a bit this year and would like to stay in shape but give running and cycling a bit of a rest so this works for me. Now I have a rough training plan for the next two months and leading into next year - yay!

What about a short-term goal? Having x-ed off one major accomplishment this year I really want to cross something else off my "Life's To Do List", something I've never done but have wanted to do for a long, long time. Yup, this fall I'm gonna go go-karting! I'm a terrible driver and afraid of going fast so I'm sure it's perfect for me. Let me know if you wanna come.


Cassandra said...

Go-karting eh? Where at?

- Cassandra

Alison said...

Supposedly there's an indoor place somewhere in the Lower Mainland - probably a good idea as this endeavour is planned for October.

Dena's in, Torbin's in, your sound like you're in - we officially have a posse!

Jason said...

Hold another in Singapore this November, and I'll be in too!

Alison said...

Go Karting in Singapore? Sounds either like a book or really off the wall travel tour.