Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Things I Don’t Miss About Ultimate

  • 6 o’clock games starting at 6:40
  • Losing to teams that only use one of their women and rely on the huck play
  • One negative presence in the game bringing me down
  • It’s hard to take anything positive out of a loss
I played my third game of ulti in two years last night. At the end of it I couldn't remember what had had me so hooked for fourteen years.

Near the start of the game I was actually surprised that my check (the woman who was thrown to, btw) got mad at me for moving on a foul call. I was breaking the rules and she was absolutely in the right, somehow I forgot that people actually take the game seriously. Shows you the headspace I was in when I showed up!

Even though I cared less about the ultimate game than today's 2km swim race, losing the game was more of a bummer than not hitting my goal time in the swim.

That said, I do miss the friends that I see so much less of and all the great people I used to play with. That's a big enough point to counter all of the above. Ulti is a great community with some pretty cool folk. Maybe I'll just have to get them all doing tri's!

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Claire said...

Ultimate? What's Ultimate?