Friday, April 17, 2009


I was searching for something in my Gmail account and found this email from my good friend Jason in response to a half iron race report:

Just read your report. wow, darlin'! Just... wow. I think you're so very cool for doing all this. I dug this up the other day...

"25-Jan-2005 12:57
So, yesterday I signed up for a triathalon. I am a truly terrible swimmer and I have a totally useless bike - can't wait to start!! I'm doing a sprint triathalon on March 13 so I have six weeks to be able to swim 750 metres continuously. Currently I can do 3 25 metre lengths then I have to stop otherwise I start inhaling the pool (not a good tactic for increasing your speed). Despite sucking at two out of the three disciplines I'm thoroughly enjoying myself. "

You've come a long way, no?

If nothing else I've learned to spell triathlon correctly!

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