Friday, July 31, 2009

Alberta Update

Hello loyal (and very patient readers), here's my trip report of what's happened thus far, in point form as I'm tired:

  • Successfully took my bike apart and got it in the box and, as a bonus, packed everything else and made it to the airport on time
  • Took a minor "scenic" side trip from the Calgary airport on my way to Turner Valley
  • Had a very fun time with Raye, Andy and Soxy
  • Met up with Duane (cousin), Susan (cousin in-law), Brittenay (first cousin once removed), Andrew (fc1r) and Cam (cousin). I haven't seen most of this crew in many years so this was fantastic - the fc1r's are super big and really neat kids!
  • Drove around Kanaskis Country. Never knew there were provincial parks for horses (and their owners).
  • Almost successfully put my bike together - discovered what happens if you don't tighten the headset and hit a big bump.
  • Tightened the headset on my bike.
  • Swam in the T.V. outdoor pool - on Monday it was the temperature of soup that needed another minute in the microwave. On Wednesday the pool soup only needed 30 seconds (it was 30 degrees C! In the pool!!)
  • Toured Spruce Meadows - very beautiful.
  • Got addicted to an evil Starbucks drink (Raye always introduces me to highly addictive junk foods).
  • Talked non-stop with Raye - especially the day I had to drink her coffee as well as mine.
  • Ate vast amounts of very good food.
  • Drank tons of Raye's coffee and evil Starbucks drink.
  • Made it into Calgary and to Leah's, despite the complete and utter lack of logic in the road/Trail system here.
  • Ran in North Glenmore Park - gorgeous!
  • Met Leah's beau, Chris, and his very cool kids - Emma and Joseph.
  • Ate a fantastic curry chicken dinner (if I get the recipe it'll go on the food blog).
  • Got seriously caffeinated with Leah.
  • Picked up my race pack and got a professional to check out my bike.
  • Drove to Ghost Lake, with a scenic detour to the North. All I had to do was drive straight yet somehow I took a right turn and went a far bit out of my way. It was pretty though.
  • Met up with a club mate and her crew at Ghost Lake and swam with them. The supposedly freezing cold lake was lovely - very cold when you first get in then a perfect swim temp.
  • Drove the first half of the bike course - stunning!
  • Made it back to Leah's without getting lost - yay! (Maybe the road system here isn't so nuts?)
  • Biked along the Elbow River Trail.
  • Ate another massive meal.
I will try to do a pre-race post and put down my race plan, hopefully it'll be less cryptic, but tomorrow might be a bit nutty so no promises.

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Claire Thompson said...

Hey, it was good to read your update. Sounds like you've had a good time with the relatives :-) Best of luck in the race tomorrow! Thinking of you.