Saturday, August 08, 2009

Calgary 70.3 - Exec. Sum.

Sorry about the lack of race results here. I've been a bit busy visiting family, touring Drumheller, finding a belt to go with my shiny new finisher's buckle, and generally spending my time drinking, ahem, recovering.

Race times:
Swim: 40:12
Bike: 2:58:03
Run: 2:11:59
Overall: 5:57:18
Rank: 471 of 1079
Rank in AG: 20 of 78

My swim was pretty par for the course for the past few years and my run was unspectacular but way better than Oliver, especially as it was quite humid so breathing was difficult. My bike split, however, was ridiculous. I believe this was the longest HIM bike course I've done but my time was about 20minutes faster than any I've ever done. Alan told me not to mention the wicked tailwind that pushed me 90% of the way so instead I'll just chalk my time up to superior biking skills.

Overall a great race, the only thing I think they really screwed up was giving out regular Powerade bottles as opposed to sport top ones - not everyone uses an aerobottle! In the grand scheme of things the result weren't too tragic: I got mad for about a minute then dealt with it and ended up with a lot of bugs stuck to the Powerade spilled on my downtube.

My regular uber-wordy race report will follow shortly. Unless Dad offers me a beer. Gotta hydrate!

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