Thursday, December 10, 2009

Heavy Breathing

After the fun I had with breathing and running this year I went to a respirologist to figure out what was wrong. The process started in July and just finished up today - long enough for me to almost forget how it all started and begin to wonder what the point of the whole process was.

Long story short - I am definitively not asthmatic. Good news as I can ditch the various unnecessary inhalers. Anyone want some Flovent??

I now have to figure out if this year's issues were simply triggered by a terrible flu or if there was something else.

I also had an allergy test today. You will all be glad to know that I am not allergic to saline solution (one of the controls).

I am, however, violently allergic to grass and cats, strongly allergic to the histamine control solution, and somewhat allergic to the other six substances they tested (dogs, feathers, weeds, trees, mites [dust] and mold). I find it amusing that I had a stronger reaction to grass and cats than I did to the histamine. I thought I was more allergic to dogs, but perhaps the dogs that set me off are some sort of dog/cat mutant cross breed.

Because I'm a geek, I found the whole process fascinating. As I'm a super geek I got my coworker to take a picture of my forearm so I could document the skin test. (I'll add the photo when she's sent it to me.)

The hives are going down (except the grass one) but I'm still suffering from the desire to make dumb jokes about essence of cat and distilled dog. I'm thinking there's an allergist in my future.

I guess I won't be including any bird feather extract in my Christmas baking.


Amy said...

nor is cat on the menu and I guess cream of grass soup is out.

So pretty much you can't go outside unless you move to a desert or the tundra. Good times! But stay away from yaks and polar bears... you're probably allergic to them too. And camels... because they are ill tempered and spit.

Alison said...

Totally kills my dinner party plans of roast husky with dust mite and house mold gravy. Dietary restrictions suck!

I am deeply shocked at the potential allergens they neglected to test me for! I shall return to the hospital immediately and demand to be tested for allergies to camel spit, yak hair, rare cacti and extraterrestrial house pets.

As to the desert, I'm probably allergic sand and global warming is melting the tundra so those options are out.

The upside of the allergies showing positive is that it's not all in my head. I'm pretty sure psychosis is harder to treat than hay fever.