Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Shoe Buying

I picked up new runers this week as the pair I've been using are beyond dead. The experience reminded me why I hate buying shoes.

Reason #1 why I hate buying shoes: Most stores only stock up to size ten for women. I generally take a 10.5 or, on really bad days, size 11.

Reason #2: Only one of my feet is size 10.5. That might lead you to think that reason #1 is only half as bad but as the other foot is 9.5 it actually makes shoe buying incredibly complicated. For some reason most shoe stores aren't willing to mix 'n match shoes.

Reason #3: AA width. I can cinch shoes up at the laces but the heel is pretty hard to fix - my feet either slip out the back or my heels get ripped apart from the rubbing. As I was gifted with cross country skis instead of actual feet, maybe I should wax them and head to the back country for some schussing.

Reason #4: Pronation. My feet are flat. Not flat as in "low arches" flat. Flat as in no arch, as in every part of the sole touches when I stand. Pancake flat.

Due to the above I can't buy cheap shoes as they'll kill my feet. Actually, I frequently can't buy expensive shoes as they don't fit either.

I think not enjoying buying shoes means I have to return my girl card, or at least that I'm on some sort of feminity probation. This probably isn't a good time for me to mention that I only have one purse!

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