Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Benchmark Day

Today was the last day of the fall swim session and I was looking forward to Fun Day. Usually the last class of the session is a good hard workout but with lots of goofy stuff and a lot of fun, which is why it's called "Fun Day". Turns out that as Paul missed Monday's class the benchmark session got bumped to today.

I was choked that I missed the previous benchmark class (I slept in) so I guess it was a good to get to at least one of the benchmark sessions. However, as I'm still kicking the dregs of the flu I'm not feeling anywhere close to full speed and as I've put in so much time in the pool this fall I really wanted to have a good solid speed session to see if I've improved.

After a shaky warm up, the swim session didn't go too badly. I did sound bad enough that Paul suggested I do the second set of 100's with a pull buoy so as not to stress my lungs too much. (Hearing me cough after my first 100m set he commented "I don't want to have to use that shiny new spine board on you," pointing to the first aid stuff on the wall.)

I did the first two 100's in the second set with a pull buoy then the last without as I wanted to go all out at least once. I had a decent last hundred but seriously felt like I was going to pass out. No spectacular times but considering the state of my lungs I'm pretty happy with the session.

25m Fly: 28:9

3 x 100m Free (on 60s rest):
1 - 1:50
2 - 1:48
3 - 1:45

50m kickboard - 1:14

3 x 100m Free (on 90s rest)
1 - 1:49*
2 - 1:49*
3 - 1:43

25m Free all out - 21.0

* with pull buoy

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