Friday, December 21, 2007

The Power Of Belief

I've been following a number of Elite/Pro triathletes' blogs for some time (much easier now that I'm using Google Reader). I think it's very cool that they share their insights into training, racing and life in general. Often it's a peek into an entirely different world but sometimes they iterate my feelings precisely. Colin Jenkins came pretty darned close with his post on the power of belief, nicely describing why it's important to have a great coach (or coaches) you trust and great people to train with.

I found Leading Edge largely by fluke (another story for another day) and am incredibly lucky to have access to two skilled and experienced coaches, fantastic one-on-one coaching, and an incredible group of enthusiastic clubmates.*

I'm looking forward to getting back to training in '08!

* We might be less than enthusiastic if Alan or Andrew ever tried to get us to do the N+1 drill Colin mentions!

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