Friday, June 13, 2008

Quite possibly the best race report ever

Found on Slowtwitch, the report from a race director who managed to keep a race together through seriously insane weather this past weekend.

Part 1
It all started on Friday. Things were going smooth. Getting to the park the portopotties were already there. The waste company was bringing the extra large dumpster and dropped it off. The local grocery story Logili (Schnuks) delivered a 52 foot refrigerated truck to keep our 9000lbs of ice, 2200 bottles of water and many thousands of other Pepsi products for the folks who were coming out to play. The folks with the 20 x 40 tent got there, they first dropped off the two gas powered carts for moving people and items, one could move six, the other had a flat bed for moving coolers and food.
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Part 2
The rain started to come down and the sirens were audible in the distance, I think that I am one of the few who heard them – and understood what they were. Blake, Zach and some twenty + others were already on the run course but the mass of people were on the bike course. Folks were rolling into transition as I see some of our banners fly across the park. I head out onto the run course as I hear that our volunteers are running for cover, I need to be sure that aid stations are up.
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This actually makes me want to do this race - not because of the insane weather but the lengths to which the RD will go to keep the race running.

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