Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Too much excitement?

I spent last week fighting a cold and thought I'd kicked it. After going for a run on Saturday I realized I wasn't being a wimp, that I actually was ill and shouldn't feel guilty about missing workouts. I slept in on Sunday, skipping my scheduled swim and run, and headed out at noon to watch the elite races.

Watching with Amy, Brian and Joanne was great, and not just because Joanne made me look calm (it's nice not to always be the most wound up person in a group). While the Canadians didn't do as well as we would have wished, it was still exciting to watch and a very fun day.

Felt fine on Sunday night, if a bit wound up, then horrendous on Monday morning. I thought I was wimping out by skipping my swim then got to work and realized I was quite ill (I almost always feel lousy in the morning so it takes a few hours to figure out if anything is actually wrong). Tried to go to work again this morning and at this point I think my coworkers were getting a bit ticked off - they kept telling me to go home and wouldn't go anywhere near me. I only lasted an hour, then came home and hit to couch for the day.

Eight days without a workout - incredibly frustrating. Almost two days off work when I have far too much to do - a total pain in the butt!

It's not a complete loss though. As I've been feeling lousy the past few days I figured I might as well cut out coffee while I'm at it. The headache yesterday didn't help but it was gone today.

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Foxtrot said...

Sounds rough, take it easy on yourself and get better....I don't know about giving up the coffee though.