Thursday, June 12, 2008


* Warning - this post contains mention (no gory details tho) of medical tests, so if that makes you squirm, please skip it.

It's been sort of a tense week and a bit. Two days before heading up to Oliver for the half iron my doctor asked to come in for an appointment to discuss the results of my mamogram. Kind of a stressful voicemail to pick up.

Turns out there was something mildly suspiscious and I needed to go for an ultrasound to double check.

Now don't go shaking your head that I'm one of those paranoid women who're afraid of every disease out there and insists on being tested for everything. Yes, I'm in my thirties but my mother had breast cancer when she was just a few years older than I am, which puts me in a high risk category, so yearly checks are pretty much part of my life now.

I didn't really tell too many people as there wasn't much they could do except tell me not to worry, which wouldn't work, and a few were likely to worry quite a bit themselves. It didn't help matters that I've had a horrendous cold most of this week. I was in the state of mind where losing my keys was a sign of the apocalypse, so you can imagine how I was feeling about the test.

Anyway, to the point. Ultrasound showed all clear. Yay!

Now I just have to kick this cold and we're back to our regular programming.

Anyone seen my keys??

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Amy said...

Glad to hear your ultrasound was negative. Finally a test you actual want to fail!

I went through something similar a few years back. Except it was a CT scan for appendicitis and the radiologist saw something funny in my breast tissue. But the ultrasound was all clear.