Monday, August 25, 2008

Blogging 101

My sister is a teacher and a blogger (and a truly fabulous person), and being a teacher/blogger(/fabulous) you know that at some point she is going to start teaching blogging. (No lessons on fabulousness yet, maybe that's next semester?)

This week, as part of the Professional Development days prior to school starting, Claire is doing a Blogging 101 session to introduce teachers to blogging. She's put all sorts of materials up on her blog, those of you have already a blog will know some of what she's posted but there's still a lot of interesting stuff.

She loves comments and feedback so check out her site and feel free to speak your mind.


Claire Thompson said...

Thanks sis! You know at my blogging session this week I said that one of the reasons that I got into blogging was sibling rivalry; you started your blog before mine so I had to catch up! Thanks for the promo.

Alison said...

You didn't have to outdo me so thoroughly! Sheesh.