Sunday, August 03, 2008

Hangover + Race = BAD

The actual title for this was going to be "There's nothing like beating yourself up for failing then realizing you acheived exactly what you set out to do," but that was too long.

Reace report teaser:

  • felt miserable and cranky through most of the race
  • didn't expect the bike course to be that hard or my legs to be that dead
  • thought I did a totally poor job then realized I'd said prior to the race that as long as I was under 3 hours I would be happy
  • I was under three hours.

Full race report to come.


Amy said...

1) stop beating yourself up. That bike course is freakin' hard. And that swim... long? Everyone had unexpected long swims.

2) if you can party like that and then race like that (ie meet your goal one a hard course) then think how well you can party without having to race the next day... I mean how awesome you'll race when you don't party the night before.

3) the shirt was awesome THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Alison said...

I think the hangover kind of messed with my perspective. The race wasn't that bad, I just finished my hardest week of training and, oh yeah, I drank a little the night before.

And don't tell Teresa, but I wasn't as hung over as I should have been because at dinner I kept filling her glass from our "shared" carafe when she wasn't looking. Didn't work as she passed me on the bike (good thing she doesn't read my blog!).

As to partying then racing - maybe I'm not as far from my ultimate roots as I thought. Getting smashed then playing the next day was part of the culture.

The shirts were fun, especially as I was the last runner of the group so people at the aid stations were excited to see me, I got lots of "Go Team Pink!"