Friday, May 25, 2007

3 Mile Time Trial

Last night's run workout was time trials at the track.

My legs were pretty dead from the previous night so my expectations were low, I knew I wouldn't hit my previous TT time (23:01) but hoped to at least maintain 2min/lap.

The warm up run proved just how sore my legs were, they only really started to hurt once I started jogging. I loosened up a bit over the easy run and the rest of the warmup (A's, B's & C's and strides) but as soon as we started the TT my legs felt like lead. Much like last time, I felt like I was going to die for most of it. At six laps I seriously considered quitting at 2 miles. I was still considering it at 9 laps!*

For the first two miles I managed to keep my pace at 2min. Something wierd happened in the last four laps as I sped up considerably and my splits ended up as follows:

Mile 1: 8:01
Mile 2: 7:59
Mile 3: 7:32

A few weeks ago I read a really interesting post on the slowtwitch forum about running form and was thinking about this in my last mile. Something really clicked when I read it and trying to follow the advice (make your feet go in circles) has seemed to improve my stride. Alan had been trying to get me to drive with my knees and, for whatever reason, changing the focus to my feet helped with that. Hmm, I don't think I'm being terribly clear, suffice it to say that the post by Barry P seems to have helped my running.

*8 laps is 2 miles

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