Monday, May 21, 2007

B is for Bonk*

*(That would be the endurance athlete's definition)

Saturday was one of those days I had planned to minute - leave for my 4 hour ride at 7:30 and be home and done by 12:30. Do my run immediately after and still have time to pick up tri bars, clean my bike, eat, shower, stretch, and drive to the North Shore for my bike fit appointment at 3:30.

There were, however, a couple of things I didn't take into account:

  1. A four hour ride does not take four hours to do. A four hour ride takes at least 4 and a half hours, if not more.
  2. I assumed I would be running 40-60 minutes and didn't check my schedule until my ride was over. The schedule called for a 1:30hr.
  3. I had no idea how long it takes to get to the North Shore.

I had a great ride with Teresa through Richmond, cutting across New West and then through Burnaby up to SFU and then back. Great ride, especially the ride down from SFU, and I would definitely do it again. My riding time (as in wheels turning) was 4:15 but the actual time for the ride was close to five hours.

I got home, got my run gear on, then checked my scheduled and uttered some fairly loud profanity as I saw a 1:30 run. I had 1:20 until I had to pick up the car! I planned my route so I would end up at the car and could drive it home.

In the end I got with just enough time to make a lame attempt at stretching, run through the shower, stuff a PB&J sandwich down my gullet, grab a banana and run for the car.

I got to Larry Zimich's on the dot of 3:30, and managed to look organized and like I knew what I was doing. The bike fit (details to follow in another post) was awesome, but by the time it was done I was drooping. I'd had my post-workout food but should have then had lunch or at least been munching on something at Larry's.

I got home at 6:00 and was shaking with fatigue. I attempted to have a conversation with a friend to arrange meeting up on Sunday and had difficulty getting out coherent sentences. When I went to bed I was so tired my head was ringing and I couldn't sleep.

Not a well planned day.

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