Thursday, May 24, 2007

Whole Lotta Hours

At the end of last night's evil TT/Brick workout I was trying to figure out why I bonked so badly.

Let's see - ride half an hour to the theTT start (all the while knowing my bike seat was slowly slipping ever downwards), then do a 2hour brick workout. I can't figure out why I was exhausted, can you?

The bike time trial was 48km (3 loops of the TT route) and I was supposed to do it at my half Iron pace. I struggled the whole way and hated it, feeling sluggish and slow, but actually went at a faster pace than I did at Cultus. This is good as I went at a good clip, but mostly bad as I obviously ignored the dictates of the workout and went way too fast.

The run was hell, which was a good thing. It was the first time my legs felt really, really dead after the bike and didn't recover quickly. I was actaully happy about this as that's what I'm going to be feeling, except significantly worse, at IMC so I want to experience it now in training and get used to it. Just, maybe, don't make me do it again any time terribly soon!

I didn't think to bring any food for after the workout and Joanne saved my life by giving me half a banana - I must have looked as bad as I felt. Leah kept up the life saving theme by driving me home, riding for half an hour after that workout probably would have done me in.

Oh yeah, my TT time was 1:38:11. Forgot to get splits but I'm pretty sure I slowed down as I went.

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