Monday, January 14, 2008

Back to the Grind (and loving it!)

After a frustrating start to January my lungs finally cleared up and I got out for some workouts this past weekend. On Saturday I wanted to take it easy so I rode on my own and only for about 40 minutes. I wheezed and coughed most of the way but still felt fantastic to be back on my bike.

I went to Sunday’s swim with the intention of taking things slow. In pretty quick order I went from that attitude to my usual “C’mon, c’mon – get it moving!” pool attitude. Patience in the pool is a work in progress for me!

By the time I got outside for the run the whole take it easy ideal had long gone out the window and I ran a tad longer than I was supposed to (I won’t say how much further in case my coach reads this, I don’t want to get in trouble my first week back!).

I was pooped at the end of it all but it feels sooooo good to be back!

A couple things I forgot about training:

  • Fatigue has emotional as well as physical effects (whoo boy did I get low yesterday afternoon)
  • Morning famishment – breakfast at home, workout, breakfast at work, starving again 45 minutes later. I'll get the hunger thing figured out eventually.
Things I just plain forgot:

  • Gatorade – I ran out in November and never got around to picking up more. Although now that I’m focusing on short course I’m not as dependent on what is served on course so I’m going to start experimenting with other drinks. Luckily I have gels, bars, etc. coming out the ying-yang so I’m set for solids at least.
  • Bike shorts – okay, I remembered at the last minute but I very nearly went out for my first ride in months with plain ol’ tights on (if ever there is a time I need padding, it’ll be now)
  • Quick and easy lunch for Sunday afternoon – I either need leftovers or something super easy to make when I get home from the swim/run.
  • Ice – last year I started freezing water in old (clean!) yogurt or margarine containers as my two ice cube trays were insufficient for getting my ice baths acceptably cold. This week I’ll stock the freezer and see if I can induce hypothermia on Sunday.


Claire Thompson said...

Alison, glad to hear that you're back in the swing of things. It's motivating me to get back into a fitness routine too!

Alison said...

Thanks Claire!

We'll eventually have to see if we can get a 10km figured out to run together. Find a race and I'll show up!