Friday, January 18, 2008

Perception vs. Reality

For our time trial last night the coaches brought out a video camera to the track so we could get an idea of what we look like when we run. In my mind, when I run I am a gazelle lightly skimming the earth. I now have video evidence to the contrary!

After I got over the realization that how I run is nothing like how I thought I ran ("lumbering" was the first word that came to mind) I looked at the video a bit more objectively and pulled apart some of the issues I saw, namely that I don't appear light on my feet, I lean forward a lot and my shoulders swing quite a bit.

It's definitely interesting, I'm hoping there will be more videotaping in the future as I'd like to watch myself improve (that IS what's going to happen)

The video is on the club blog. Look for me at the following times:

PS - The picture is a Thomson's Gazelle! Maybe my problem was that I was trying to run like a Thompson's Gazelle??

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