Tuesday, January 29, 2008


My training hit a bit of a snag last weekend as I had a work function to attend in Ottawa (or YOW as we in the travel biz like to call it). Full days, cold weather, and a small gym, plus my desire to pack light, made getting in my workouts a bit of a challenge. On top of that, our return flight was full of delays, I've never before heard of a plane being delayed due to frostbitten baggage handlers (don't ever get an outdoor job in Calgary!), so being home has yet to turn into getting workouts done.

It was mostly work but while in the capital city I did manage to:

  • Tour the parliament buildings. I've done it before but a different tour guide gives you different insights so it was still interesting, plus the last time I didn't go up the Peace Tower so that was cool to do.
  • Walk around parts of downtown, including Byward (sp?) Market. The market didn't thrill me but it did allow for Beaver Tails (over-priced and definitely touristy but had to be done)
  • Skating on the Rideau - I didn't plan on doing this but got sucked in to go with a group then a supplier rep lent me his skates (he has small feet for a guy and I have big ones for a woman so it worked out) so there was no way out. It took a bit to remember how to skate, especially as it was my first time on hockey skates, but it was a lot of fun and I'm glad I let myself be talked into it.

While on the Rideau we also:

  • had Beaver Tails (I needed to see if they tasted different on the canal!)
  • got to be around drunk Carleton students - I'm sure that's listed as a "Must Do" in the Tourism Ottawa city highlights

The travel was tiring and I'm not keen on giving up my weekends but I'm lucky to work with a fun group of people so all in all it was a good time.


Claire Thompson said...

I'm jealous. First, because it sounds like you liked the other parliament tour guide better than me and second because I have yet to skate on the Rideau. Sounds like a fun work-trip!

Alison said...

I didn't like him better than you! I liked that he offered different information than the last guide did. He was also cuter than the previous guide.

I think we saw the same areas as when I went with you - the library and the Senate chamber. Caucus was meeting in the House of Commons so we couldn't go in. My boss is NOT a fan of Harper so luckily we didn't see him.