Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Crawl

This weekend Mum came out for the Eastside Culture Crawl, a three day event in which artists (about 300 of them) open their studios.

On Friday we had dinner at Tropika with Team Pink and Cassandra. On Saturday it was a lazy start to the day with eggs benny then off to the crawl. There were tons of fantastic artists, a few not so great ones and a few that were probably good but I think I missed something. I planned to go somewhere cool for dinner but we were both a little burnt out after all that art so instead we ordered pizza from my favorite pizza place in the city and watched a movie.

This morning we tried for a slightly healthier start (oatmeal) then met up with my friend/almost sister/Mum's 3rd daughter for coffee.

Aside from some slightly unhealthy eating, it was a fantastic weekend. (I made up [or tried to] for the unhealthy diet by going for a run this afternoon followed by some yoga.)

I had a Google video chat with sister and nephews this evening so it's been a great family weekend!

I'll leave you with a picture my Mum took (both photos in this post are her's). I think the Canadian Tire on Cambie needs to replace some lightbulbs.

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