Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Little Less Vein

I had my ugly, ugly varicose vein removed today.

The surgery was reasonably quick and painless but unpleasant in the way that surgical procedures are. I was about as unhappy getting my fillings redone last week, so it was sort on par with that (although I really dislike dental procedures). At least this time I was less likely to bite the person doing work!

Now I'm at home and supposed to sit quietly with my leg up. Usually when I'm home on a weekday it's because I'm sick so I sleep all day. Aside from an achy and awkward leg (it's wrapped from ankle to above the knee in a tight tensor) I feel fine, definitely not sleepy, and am seriously bored and more than a little twitchy. Using the computer is doable but difficult as it's a PC, I'm currently at my desk with my leg up on the arm of the couch - not a terribly elegant or comfortable position. I'm sure I can deal with one day of this!

1 comment:

Susan Russell said...

Alison , if I knew you were getting your vien done I would of emailed you sooner. I had mine injexted 1 year ago and now have beautiful legs according to your cousin.