Wednesday, November 05, 2008

IM Day

It was 200m IM day in masters swim this morning and I did a grand total of 250m of butterfly - I think that's double the total amount of fly I've ever done in one swim session (including butterfly days). We did break up the IM - 25m of fly, rest then the other 25m of fly and 50m of everything else in order, Paul probably figured this was the best way to prevent drownings!

This is cool because fly has been my nemesis since I started masters. I could do the stroke and I could do the kick but could never put the two together in any sort of useful way. On the last fly day we had something finally clicked and I got the rhythm (kick-to-breathe, kick-hands-in, kick-to-breathe, kick-hands-in ...)

Now that I've sort of figured out fly it's actually sort of fun. My technique is still terrible, I most likely look like an epileptic beluga, but it's far better than the almost-but-not-quite-drowning-while-somehow-moving-forward that was my previous method.

It was also fun to do (broken) 200m pieces for our main set. Normally we do 100's or, very rarely, 150's for the main set so a longer set was fun, especially for those of us who're more about distance than speed.

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Foxtrot said...

Ahh hard, but so fun!