Thursday, April 24, 2008

Pre-Race Prep

In just over a week I'll be doing my first tri of the season - Wildflower Triathlon in sunny (I hope!) California. I'm not feeling ready for a race, but I'm not sure if I ever do at this point in the year so I'm probably doing okay.

I just read a great course review for the race, gives me a good idea of what I'm getting into and a chance to mentally prepare. It also brings me to the realization I should have thrown more hills into my training prior to now!

My big concerns are the crowds and, as my Grandmother once said, "all the other idiots on the road." I don't think I'm much of a danger to others (people who know me may beg to differ) but I'm not sure if my swimming and bike handling skills are strong enough to avoid clueless people in my way. That said, it can't possibly be more crowded or more annoying than the Sun Run, with the possible exception of that my chances of getting kicked in the head are significantly higher.

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