Sunday, April 27, 2008

Final Time Trial of the Week

This morning's swim was the last TT of recovery week - 100m followed by 600m.

Today's TT results
100m - 1:35 - PR
600m - 10:47

23 March TT results
100m -1:38
600m - 10:48

I'm happy with these times, I kept even with my last 600m time (which totally thrilled me in March) and this may be a PR. I'm pretty sure that 1:35 is at PR for 100m. While I'm taking credit for 90% of the 100m effort, Craig in lane 2 was keeping pace with me throughout and I was determined not to let him beat me!

I'd normally be pumped about being faster than Brian and Stan on the 600m TT, but as Brian is recovering from racing Delta yesterday and Stan is recovering from racing Boston on Monday (with an injury, no less), I'm thinking this is unlikely to be repeated.

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