Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Wildflower Point Form

California is:
- far away
- very big
- probably easier to navigate if you have a map. Yes we know the way to San Jose, please stop singing and tell us how to get the @#$% out!

Lake San Antonio (and area) is (are):
- full of algae
- in the Salinas Valley (Steinbeck!!!!!)
- close to Big Sur (Kerouac!!!)
- gorgeous
- very cold (night)
- very hot (day)
- remarkably like the South Okanagan, but with oaks instead of ponderosa pines

The camp was:
- hard
- tiring
- fun
- awesome race prep

The race was:
- frustrating (swim)
- great for the ego (bike)
- hard (run)
- very cool (support from LETC folk)

My fellow campers were:
- fun
- great cooks
- fast! (5 in the top 10 of their age group)
- very cool people

I am:
- tired
- sunburned
- glad to be home
- scared of my laundry (camping + training = very, very stinky)

1 comment:

Claire Thompson said...

Your post is:
- concise
- interesting
- informative

It looks like you:
- rose to some challenges
- had some great experiences
- need some maps

Glad you're back :)