Monday, May 12, 2008

Oh Yeah

So being all self-absorbed about my swim I forgot to mention the rest of my team for the relay in yesterday's write up.

Mary battled headwinds from every direction for most of the 40km ride and finished in a solid 1:39:49. It sounds like the ride was brutal, I think I may have taken the right leg of the relay!

April, who has had a horrible start to the year with pneumonia followed by a sinus infection, put in a fantastic 59:12 for the 10km run. I don't know if she got her splits but she definitely picked up the pace in the second loop and must have had a negative split. Jean-Yves and I tried to run with her in the last 500m but couldn't keep up!

Great work team!

Our official results are here. I quite like the fact that the swim distance hasn't been corrected - not sure I'll ever beat 10:54 for a 1,500m swim!

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