Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I'm finally there, that point in the season where I'm starting to feel the gains from the hard work I've put in for the past few months. Where I don't have to think so hard about technique, things are starting to flow and feel natural. Where I feel strong and confident on the bike and smooth in the water. Where I'm still working hard but things are starting to feel a bit easier, as if my body has decided to get with the program and cooperate fully. Where I'm feeling the "athlete" part of triathlete might not be a total misnomer.

This morning at masters we did pace work, my kind of swim workout. The main set was 2 x 100m at pace followed by 200m at the same pace then 3 x 100m at pace followed by 300m at the same pace. I couldn't hit the right pace for the 200m piece but did the 3 100's at 1:50min apiece and, with Paul's words in my ears as a mantra, things clicked into place and I swam the 300m "smooth and strong and efficient" and hit exactly 5:30. I like long continuous swims!

I am in a recovery week and tapering for a race, so relaxed and ready is where I should be. The nice part of being several years into the triathlon lifestyle is that tapers no longer go hand in hand with panic and pre-race nerves. I'm looking forward to the Oliver Half, I'd like to beat my time from last year but if things don't work out as planned then c'est la vie.

I like this place, this is one of the reasons I love training and racing. Think I'll stay here for a while.

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