Thursday, May 22, 2008

Can you imagine hitting 81 MILES per hour on a bike!

by Tim Keown

What do you get when you pair an inspired sculptor with a fearless bike racer? Only the fastest human-powered vehicle on earth.

SEPTEMBER 2003. Sam Whittingham, a national team track cyclist from Canada, is inside this contraption that he and his buddy insist on calling a bicycle even though it looks more like a homemade cruise missile with two tires peeking out from underneath. He's lying back on a recumbent frame inside the eight-foot-long sculpted faring, squeezed so tightly into place that he can't move his head; his position resembles that of someone hiding in a pipe. The only parts of his body that can move are his legs, which madly pump the pedals to propel this thing as fast as humanly possible. Literally.

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