Thursday, May 08, 2008


I contributed the following to a thread about goals on Slowtwitch and figured I'd post it here where I have less anonimity (and fewer readers, but that's beside the point).

1 - Qualify for 2009 ITU olympic distance worlds in Australia

2 - Overcome, or learn to deal with, my swim start psychosis (I'm fine in open water until someone sets off the starting gun)
2.1 - Race the swim, don't just swim it
2.2 - Draft in races, don't seek clear water

3 - Keep the gains I've made on the bike, especially my new-found ability to push through the hurt in training (when appropriate)
3.1 - Figure out the balance between going hard and leaving something for the run
3.2 - Develop my bike-handling skills - learn to mount/dismount my bike while leaving the shoes on the bike, do 180's without unclipping and slowing down too much, etc.

4 - Get back whatever it is I've lost on the run
4.1 - Figure out what's wrong (a good start!)
4.2 - Do 1-2 5km or 10km races in June/July
4.3 - Learn to push more on the run in races

5 - Stop slacking on my training and follow the plan I'm paying for - go back to my IMC training philosophy of one "gimme" per month (i.e. allow myself one and only one opportunity per month to skip a workout for no good reason) rather than one a week

6 - Sign up for races before they sell out

1 - Less crap!

2 - Eat at least two pieces of fruit a day

3 - Eat breakfast at home every day

4 - Have healthy snacks at work (say "No!" to the siren call of Tim Horton's doughnuts)

5 - Watch the sodium (I'm good with fats, this is the next step)

1 - Keep it positive - remember what I say affects how I feel so quit kvetching!

2 - Watch less TV

3 - Pay down my debts and save for Worlds 2009!

4 - Keep my blog up to date (anyone note that my race list is current for 2008??)


Foxtrot said...

wow! AT your goals are inspiring...i might have to make my own goal blog : )

Alison said...

Thanks! Can't wait to see your list.