Friday, April 11, 2008

Sports Weekend

There are two big events going on in the world of sports this weekend, neither of which has anything to do with hoops, balls, pucks, nets or, unfortunately, live TV coverage

First off there's Ironman Arizona, I'm always a sucker for a good IM race. One of the blogs I've been following, Jonnyo World, is written by a pro triathlete who's competing in IMAZ so I have someone to cheer for. Happily the Ironmanlive site usually has reasonably decent coverage. If I figure out the time difference I may actually manage to catch the swim coverage (I said this for the past three IM's I tried to watch and have yet to be successful).

The second race is the London Marathon. I haven't been a marathon enthusiast until the past few years when I actually got to know some marathoners. It also helps that the guys at The Science of Sport, one of my current fave blogs, have dedicated a lot of space to race predictions and general hype for London. Apparently this is one of the big pre-olympics marathons so most of the top names will be there (as opposed to non-olympic years, when most of the top names will be there).

There is the option for Americans to watch the coverage live online but:

  1. as I can't actually figure out when the race starts this may be difficult. According to the web countdown clock it starts at 9:00am our time, therefore 5pm in the UK. That doesn't make sense to me.
  2. it's likely to actually start about midnight Saturday my time, I'll be in bed.

On the topic of big races, I signed up for the Sun Run for the first time ever. I'm not good with crowds or having people in my way so it should be a fun day! Okay, I may have become reconciled with the idea and I may actually be looking forward to the race, just don't tell my coach, I'm still playing up the reluctant athlete who's grudgingly following coach's orders. I've never done a stand alone 10km when I'm in good running shape so I don't really know what I can do, it should be an interesting day.

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