Thursday, April 24, 2008

Time Trials

This week is "recovery" week which, as we all know, means time trials.

My masters swim is even in on the act, although Paul calls it benchmark day. We did the usual set and I was about where I should be. Nothing stunning but some decent times:

25m backstroke (this is usually fly but I've hurt my left shoulder/neck and opted out) - 29 seconds.

3 x 100m free on 60s rest
1 - 1:42.2
2 - 1:40
3 - 1:41

50m kick board - 63s

3 x 100m free on 90s rest
1 - 1:40
2 - 1:38
3 - 1:41

25m ALL OUT - 21.2 s

Not my fastest ever but I'm happy getting under 1:40 for 100m.

Last night was our first real bike TT, we've done TT's on the trainer but it's just not the same as doing it outside. It was a bit of a gong show getting started, unfortunately I was in uber-impatient mode so I was a bit wired at the start (I am so, sooo far away from my days of living on "ultimate time"!). At least I'm one of the slower bikers in the group so I was the sixth person to go.

I didn't feel my legs were into it on the way out, it was only after the turn at UBC Hill Elementary that I really felt I was in the groove. The fast riders started passing me at this point but I managed to catch a few and I played leapfrog with Amy and Craig for the last 5km. My messed up shoulder/neck didn't impair me too much as I didn't need to shoulder check that much.

My final time was 29:41, which may well be a PR, but I have to dig up my previous times to figure that out.

Tonight is some sort of run time trial, I haven't actually checked the schedule yet however so I'm not entirely sure of the details. I'm far more concerned with the debut of my compression socks than with what we'll actually be doing! I think I need to find some early 80's style satin short shorts to really complete the look (if I'm going to look like a dork I might as well play it up!) - anyone know where I can pick up a pair?

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