Saturday, January 17, 2009


Thursday night's run was my first run back with the club since sometime in October and my first intensity workout outside of the pool in about the same time. The long layoff plus the flu hang-over made for a tough evening.

The workout was 15 minutes running a continuous one block loop - going hard on the two uphill sides of the square and easy on the two downhill sides. Halfway through my lungs hurt - partly from the cold and partly from being unaccustomed to working so hard. Teresa, also recovering from the plague, and I ran together and tried to keep at a reasonable pace. Once we finished and Andrew was explaining the next portion my lungs rebelled and I went into a coughing fit. I've decided to count the hacking as a core workout (hurts like one) and may enter it in my training log as such!

We ran back to the community centre and did A', B's and C's then a long stretch session inside.

I tried an easy treadmill run yesterday at the Y and realized that going slow on a treadmill is ridiculously hard. Treadmills are fun when you want to do all out sprints and hard running, not simply because you (think you) look cool but it's just way more interesting. Going slow, however, is nothing but boring. In the end it wasn't a terribly effective workout - my heart rate stubbornly stayed at about 80% of max and I stubbornly refused to run slower so it was really 30 minutes of junk miles.

This sucks right now but give me two or three weeks and I'll be where I want to be.

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