Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I remembered my iPod (more specifically the armband for it) this morning and it made all the difference in my treadmill run.

One song had me tempted to rock out a la Brad Pitt in Burn After Reading (go to 1:54 in this clip to see what I mean) but I chickened out. Probably a good thing as my chances of tripping and flying off the thing, always high, would have tripled. I'll have to remember not to run in the gym to the Beastie Boys - I might get kicked out for shouting "No! Sleep! Till Brooklyn !"

Aside from having to crank the speed for one song, I kept an even pace and my HR was much more sensible than last week, averaging 159. That's still too high but I'm getting there.

Last night I did an easy 45 minute spin, doing a ten stroke excelleration every five minutes and I'm currently procrastinating and putting off my core workout. Alright, I'm off to crunch!

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