Monday, February 02, 2009

How Was Your Weekend?

Most of January was very anti-social for me but I certainly made up for it this weekend.

I saw the Wrestler on Friday - great movie but very, very depressing. When it ended most of the theatre sat unmoving and silent through the credits, staring blankly at the screen. We ended up laughing because the four of us looked at one another, looked away, then did it again a couple of times, not knowing what to say. As I said, it's a great movie but I wouldn't recommend it if you can't stomach movies about unhappy people with messed up lives.

On Saturday I went for a spin at Teresa's and caught 3.85 episodes of Battlestar Galactica - I'm trying desperately to catch up on the current season so no one wrecks any of the surprises. Of course Saturday was the nice day on the weekend, but I'll have many weekends outside this summer so I'm not feeling guilty for staying in and watching BSG. That evening I went for dinner at Marie's and watched Mama Mia. The movie was actually really fun, I didn't expect to like it. I'm not sure how comfortable I am admitting I like it, sort of up there with being caught reading People Magazine (not that that would ever happen).

Sunday was swim and Super Bowl. It was the last day of our easy week so we didn't do any epic distance for the workout, I think it was 2300m for my lane. We finished the practice with a crazy relay where we had no idea who was winning but it was fun. That was followed by a run in miserable wet snow, luckily it was short (40min).

That afternoon was the big game chez Team Pink - football and a potluck tailgate feast. The theme for the potluck was Tex Mex so one of the guys decided he'd deep fry a turkey. Not sure how that fits the theme but what man is going to say no to deep frying a turkey? No one died and the building didn't burn down, which surprised some of us but made everyone happy. I went against the theme and the spirit of Super Bowl/tail gate partying by bringing a salad - everything else on the table was meat or fried or a dessert. I ate way, way too much but it was a fun day.

As usual, the team I decided to cheer for lost. It was a surprisingly close game and quite an exciting finish - I actually watched significant portions of the second half, possibly a first for me!

I haven't logged my training for the past week yet so no idea what the totals. I'll get around to that sometime soon.

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