Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fat Lip

I know I'm an annoying morning person but that doesn't make it okay to take a swing at me!

Okay, I might be sensationalizing. Today was butterfly day in masters and when you have a crowded lane of swimmers all doing fly someone's likely to connect. And connect we did! I ended up with a fat lip and Rod walked away with bite marks on the back of his hand. Luckily triathlon has got me used to being kicked in the head (explains a lot, don't it!). The lip will go down, although I am hoping it's thoroughly impressive at tonight's club spin, and my TM joint will get back to normal soon so it's all good.

I think it made the lifeguard's day - he insisted on checking for concussion and making sure my neck was okay. We definitely added some excitement to the morning.

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